Corporate Social Responsibily

Early Childhood Education Program (PAUD)

Early Childhood Education Program (PAUD) in PT. Mutiara Unggul Lestari, a subsidiary of an Issuer in Telaga Sam-Sam Village, Kandis District, Siak Regency, Riau Province

Providing Pencak Silat Uniform

Pencak Silat Uniform Assistance Program is a program that provide a total of 12 pairs of uniform to be submitted to the Chairman of Pencak Silat Community at Bungo Rampai, Desa Kesumbo Ampai for Sakai Tribe.

Free Cataract Eye-Surgery Program

Free Cataract Eye-Surgery Program is to provide free-of-charge surgery to 50 peoples suffering from cataractheld at PPMLI Lions Hospital Jalan Amir Hamzah No. 99S Medan.

Fire Prevention Socialization Program

The program socialization of fire prevention forest and land organized by PT. Berlian Inti Mekar along with related ministries and the Office of police followed by farmers and land owners in the area of Rengat, Indragiri Hulu Regency.

Assistance for Flood Victims

Flood Victims Assistance Program is to help the residence of Rawang Panjang to cope with their loss due to flood.

Blood Donors

Blood Donor Held at PPMLI Lions Hospital Jalan Amir Hamzah No.99S Medan.

Scholarship Assistance Program

Scholarship assistance program for residents of Kel. Telaga Sam-Sam and Kel Simp. Belutu for Elementary level up to Senior High School

Medical Assistance for Cataract Surgery

Medical Assistance for Cataract Eye Surgery is held at PPMLI Lions Hospital Jalan Amir Hamzah No.99S Medan.

Basic Food Packages Assistance Program

Basic Food Packages Assistance Program is to distribute basic food packages to the residence of Kel. Sam-Sam & Kel. Simpang Belutu.