PT. Mahkota Group, Tbk and its subsidiaries have several palm oil processing factories located in North Sumatra and Riau.

The acceptance of raw materials for Fresh Fruit Bunch (TBS) acceptance through good fruit-selection procedure are applied to produce high-quality Crude Palm Oil (CPO) and Palm Kernel. CPO and Palm Kernel owned by PT.Mahkota Group, Tbk is the result of a well-guarded and tightly-controlled production process through the application of Quality Management System (ISO 9001).

PT. Mahkota Group, Tbk is supported by a dedicated and professional workforce which possessed qualifying expertise in their respective fields, committed to profitability and future growth of the company, and uphold company values.

The residue of company’s plant processing activities, which are solid and liquid waste, are then utilized and processed into renewable energy that can be beneficial to employees, communities and the environment around the palm oil factory. PT.Mahkota Group, Tbk implements 'zero-waste' waste management policy by using the cutting-edge technologies available which significantly contributes in safeguarding and preserving the environment. Any waste generated is then reused as material for processing purposes so as not to damage the environment and disrupt public health condition.

Our products include:

  • Crude Palm Oil ( CPO )
  • Palm Kernel ( PK )
  • And Other down-stream products.


The shipping and storage service of CPO products as export commodities can be distributed through bulking station located at Dumai jl, Datuk Admiral Pelabuhan I, Riau, with a storage capacity of 75,900 metric tons.